The 901 to the 501

God has done a rather incredible and exciting thing in the life of the Brannon family. I have accepted a new position as a Care Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. After nearly 12 incredible years at Faith Baptist, our hearts are soaked with bittersweet emotions. Our hearts beat fast about this amazing opportunity to join such a fantastic church; and our hearts are sad to leave a church who has truly become our family. If you’re interested, Becca and I want to share a few details with you so you can be in prayer with us and join us in this new chapter of life.

Why are you leaving Faith?!

This is most likely a popular question. Our answer that is we are not, “leaving Faith.” With real sincerity, I say we are taking Faith with us. God has given me the “Faith spirit” in my DNA and that is something I look forward to sharing with the Fellowship family. Our God is a great and mighty God, advancing His kingdom on earth locally and globally. He is bigger than any one location. We believe He is doing a great work in both churches and are excited to join His work of gospel ministry in Little Rock – but we will never leave our dear friends and church family behind!

Becca and I have a peace about the timing of this opportunity. Faith Baptist is an extremely healthy church, filled with great people. There is absolutely zero reason to leave. There is a great chemistry among the pastors and leadership at Faith and God is growing His church spiritually and numerically. It’s for these reasons and more we believe we are being called away and not actually leaving behind our church family.

Why Fellowship Bible Church?

The list of reasons is long. Fellowship is an incredible church who preaches God’s Word, loves God’s people, and is always having fun. Becca and I have known this for a long time. Her family joined Fellowship when she was in 6th grade. This is her home church. It is the church where we were married in the fall of 2008, the church where we worship every year around the holidays, and the church where Becca’s parents attend every week. So, all that to say, this isn’t a random church at a random place. I can remember whenever Becca and I were dating, God put a huge vision on the heart of the leadership at Fellowship to build what is now their current location and it feels like Becca and I have loved and followed this great church from a distance for the last 10+ years.

Now knowing the Care Ministry leadership and pastors even better, I know their hearts beat for the people of Little Rock. This is a great city. But often, with a great place there can be a “façade of Pleasantville” for some people and families. The commitment of the Care Ministry includes “pushing past the mask” and leading people to be honest with themselves and real before a holy and loving God. My role will include congregational care, hospital visits, biblical counseling, weddings, funerals, and much more. Fellowship is a compassionate church with authentic leaders and a devotion to gospel-truth and mission.

What does Becca think?!

Her experience might be the exact definition of bittersweet. It certainly saddens her heart (as well as mine) to leave her co-workers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – the greatest hospital on earth! These co-workers are so much more than fellow employees. They have become dear friends; she has planted deep roots at this great hospital. Even I have had the chance to get to know and become friend with these incredible people. The sweetness comes knowing she is moving back to her hometown, which has grown and changed in really great ways since she lived there. Being in the same city with “Gramby and Grandad” (her parents) will be an absolutely joy. The Henderson’s are a close family and being with them again will be a wonderful thing.

Is this near Stephen’s parents?

Yes! Instead of being five and a half hours away, our little family will now only be two hours away from my parents who live in Fort Smith, AR. This is a huge blessing as I am an only child and the needs of my parents are becoming more frequent – needs which include spending more time with their two grandsons!

What is the timeline?

We are excited for the gift to spend a few more weeks in Memphis. I will continue to serve at Faith through the month of June, with June 30th being our last Sunday. Pray with us that just the right family will buy our home and God will open the door for a place for the Brannon brothers to call home in Little Rock.

This is without a doubt a midstream-move. Great things are happening at Faith and specifically in our Care and Counseling Ministry. However, God has given us a strong peace about joining the family of Fellowship and we could not be more excited. Fellowship is a special place and Little Rock will be a fantastic home. We will always cherish our deep friendships at Faith and look forward to continuing those friendships, even into this new chapter of life.