Genesis 1 & Sex

That sound you hear is me being blocked on Twitter. Not really. But I’m sure by now author, theologian, and speaker Glen Schrivener is tired of my name showing up in his mentions. But I remain compelled to share from the pages of what I’m reading every day. He has recently released a daily devotional book which is making a powerful impact on my life. It is titled, Reading Between the Lines – Old Testament Daily Readings. It is available for purchase from my favorite bookstore, the Westminster Bookstore here: Buy The Book.

Today, I’m sharing not just a quote but a portion of Day 4’s reading which is a nice follow up to my post on dating. Over the years, I’ve tried hard to wrap my mind around principles and truths which go beyond, “Because God said so.” God needs not my help. However, we need one another’s help, at times, to be encouraged to stay the course and commit to obedience. I believe this is especially true of remaining sexually abstinent before marriage. As a parent, “Because I said so!” and as a Christian, “Because God said so!” are both 100% true. However, as with most things, how we deliver truth can have a dramatic impact on the hearer’s willingness to listen and commit. Therefore, join me in the on-going commitment to embracing not just “what” we are commanded of God to do (wait to have sex only with your spouse), but “why” not-yet-married men and women should devote themselves to abstinence. From Glen Schrivener:

“In Genesis 1:28, God tells man to fill and rule the earth. And He doesn’t say, “Let there be a human race.” He doesn’t scatter an army of human beings over the face of the earth. He starts with a man. He makes for him a woman. And from the union of their love will flow the human race. This is a window onto the character of God because human beings “image” God. God is Persons-in-relationship [the Trinity] and He makes a people who are persons-in-relationship. Therefore, as humanity is tasked with filling the earth, how will they do it? Manufacture? An assembly line? Cloning? No. Humanity will do it like God; in a deeply relational way. The filling of the earth mirrors the creation of the earth. It is loving union. It is face-to-face fellowship which, though intensely intimate, is outward-going in its fruitful creativity. The human family is to be made how the world was made – birthed out of love. And this gives us a window into the good life.”

What a radical and fresh perspective on what our culture so easily devalues. This is not back-seat-of-the-car kind of stuff; this is God-given, God-ordained, intentional expression of love which honors God.