Foolish Pride

Over the last several months I have come to really enjoy reading Tabletalk Magazine. It is published by Ligonier Ministries and edited by Dr. Burk Parsons. Like everything today, it is available in more than just print, but also online or they are also a great account to follow on the Twitter machine. During the early weeks of March, the study has been on Samson. I don’t want to re-write the great writings of the devotional journal, but I do want to offer a few of the principles God has taught me recently through the story of Samson.

The first truth I’d ask you to consider is Samson is no different from you and me. If you grew up in a Children’s Ministry as a child you have likely heard the story of Samson many times. It is a grand tale of rather unusual feats of strength. This, including the fact Samson was the guy men wanted to be like and the guy women wanted to be with, left me thinking he and I really had little in common. Yet, a closer look at the ways Samson expresses foolish arrogance and a haughty spirit towards God is all too familiar to me.

Second, consider how you handle sin in your own life. I am willing to believe you rarely sin out-right and as a complete act of rebellion against God. Sin is likely less direct within your heart and mind, as I believe it was with Samson. In Chapter 16 of the book of Judges, Delilah (his love interest) acts as a spy for the Philistines to learn the secret to Samson’s strength, for the purpose to overtake him. She keeps asking Samson the secret and he keeps toys with her by telling her wrong answers. What is important for us to understand is that after each false-answer the Philistines try to attack. Therefore, Samson knew who Delilah was and knew what her purpose was in his life. Yet he still did not change his ways! He was so consumed by lust and fueled by arrogance he did nothing to remove the temptation of sin in his life.

There are times when sin sneaks up on us. I have been blindsided by sin more times than I care to admit. But as we take a closer look at Chapter 16 we see a man who was foolish, arrogant, and lustful. He unabashedly welcomed sin into his bed (figuratively and literally).

Take time today to inventory your heart. What sin have you allowed into your life willfully? Be humble enough to confess your sin, allow God to walk you through the consequences, and be free from the downfall of foolish pride.