Easter. Now What?

Easter. Such a unique holiday. Its value really spans the spectrum. If you are a Christian, it is simply the single most important holiday on the calendar. If you are not a Christian, it is simply a beautiful day to celebrate the changing of the season and an animal with a furry cotton tail.

So, if you are a Christian and Easter has come and gone, what now? It’s often been said Easter is “the Super Bowl” of Christian Sundays – so therefore it’s natural to experience a Big Game hangover. But what if we changed our perspective? Still holding to the truth that Easter is the biggest day of the Christian year, but instead of considering it the end or only an isolated date we embrace it as the beginning.

Recorded in John 14, even before Jesus goes to the cross, He is teaching His disciples His life on earth isn’t the end of anything; but rather the on-going work of God’s redemptive plan. Verse 12 of chapter 14 Jesus teaches that is if we believe in Him we will do great things. This is such a powerful reminder that following Jesus is built on a relationship with Him and all of His grace, not limited to a religious experience we have on Sunday.

In a brief but profound – nearly overwhelming – truth Jesus goes on to teach us that we will not only do things like Jesus did, but actually do greater works. In fact, because of Jesus’s victory over sin and death we have the ability to see anything we ask be done – specifically conquering the many forms in which sin tries to strangle us. Can you see with me the death and resurrection of Jesus is quite possibly the most inspiring and empowering experience we know?!

What now, then? What is the point. The point is that in these days after Easter, each week and every year of our lives we should live emboldened. Fearless. God in heaven watches with anticipation as we are called to live lives with extreme confidence and courage. Stop seeing yourself as a victim of sin or disqualified by your past guilt. Don’t think you’re unable or unworthy. Kick your ego to the curb. We have no time for excuses – humanity needs Jesus! 

What is God calling you to do in His power in these days? Whatever it is that you can’t shake or seem to “let go of”, it is that which God has empowered you to do. Go for it! Share the Good News of the Gospel with a friend or neighbor. Sign up for that short-term mission trip you’ve been thinking about. Take that financial leap of faith to advance His Kingdom. The power of His resurrection is not limited to a past even or mutually exclusive of your life. Please, don’t limit Easter to only a one-day celebration.

Don’t leave Easter at church! 

After Jesus’s resurrection and following His ascension, He gave us the Holy Spirit. Entrusting us with this power, He is counting on you to turn the world upside down – and it starts with living obedience in our everyday lives.